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What is "We Love VFR"?

Do you like flying VFR and watching World below you? Do you sometimes feel that something is missing? We Love VFR is here to help you.

We Love VFR is a free addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator that adds thousands new VFR friendly objects. In the current version you get communication, radio and tv antennas, radar domes, construction cranes and satellite dishes/radio telescopes. But I have plans for many, many more.

You’ll find download links below. If you have any questions, suggestions or problems just contact me by e-mail or via social media.¬†

Grab it here


For now only Region 1 is available. When I’m finished with the beta phase (which means no clear bugs and some more object types), I’ll release other two regions. This way three regions will cover the whole World.

You don't have to, but maybe...

support Puffin Flight

I believe that simming shouldn’t be expensive. That’s why all my mods are free, despite spending many hours of my free time developing them. So if you want to support my work by a donation it would be very appreciated.

what I'm working on

In development

Expanding We Love VFR

There are many objects that would be beneficial for VFR flying and I want to add as many as possible. Some will be easier, some will be harder, and some might be impossible. We’ll see.

Follow my social media to be up to date on what’s coming next.

Lower silesia airfields

My home region in Poland have some nice small airfields. I’ve recreated three of them for X-Plane. They will be converted for MSFS with added landmarks and maybe expanded a bit.

and more...

I have way too many ideas. 100% there will be more sceneries and maybe something more. Time will tell.

Latest news

I don’t have the time to update this page that often. If you want to know the latest news follow Puffin Flight¬†on social media. Links are in the menu.